August 21, 2008

A Visit To Old California

The California Historian site displays 12 sets of old postcards of California. These are all from private collections of the collectors who provided them as scanned files. The sets feature the following towns: San Clemente, Monterey (2 sets), The Missions of California, Old Los Angeles, Ridge Route, Redlands & Nearby Locale, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara County, Stockton and Desert Communities. Many of the photographs have scenes with famous buildings, such as a courthouse, library, hotel, university and church. There is something wrong with the Ridge Route's set though. It is surprising to me that San Francisco isn't included, not even the state's capital, Sacramento. There is also an extensive list of links to other official historical society in California.

The images above starting from the bottom are of LA, San Clemente's Highway 101, cars park at a San Clemente pier (1928) and at last El Camino Real at San Clemente (1940's).

California Historian

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