August 4, 2008

Growing Up With PBS

PBS (Public Broadcasting Services) was born in November 3, 1969 which continued the functions of its predecessor the National Educational Television (NET). The NET was established in 1952 (You'll find better details about the NET in the second link below). In October 5,1970, PBS merged with the Education Television Stations. Personally, I can't imagine how the television industry would have with out PBS!

PBS has been an integral part of American television for 5 decades. For those of who grew up during the 1970's, it has provided a range educational tv shows that had taught (and impacted) the "facts of life" through shows like Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Mr. Rogers, Big Blue Marble and The Romper Room. It continued to provide the same services to the future generations with new shows and of course, Sesame Street. It has also provided educational programming such as Nova, Biographies, British shows, and more. All which we benefit from.

Wikipedia PBS History

The Evolution of the PBS Logo

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