August 6, 2008

Know Your Traffic Signs

There are interesting (and boring) road traffic signs for Europe and other countries (well, they are mainly European). If you are plan to drive in Europe as a tourist, this site may be helpful for you. I just hope this is an updated site! I have a book for Asian culture, and when I showed it to my Thai and Taiwanese friends, they laughed. They said it was so bad, that I should it throw away (for example, it said that there are no bathrooms at homes in Thailand). It was an "updated" published book with an "out of date" data. Go figure!

I have travelled in Europe, but I would imagine the road signs don't usually (or rarely) change that much, or eliminated out of existence. At least, that's my hunch. Boy, there are so many signs out there in Europe! I don't even think (I don't have the facts) that we have that many here in the US as in Europe. I really liked the "Road World Signs I". There are signs of hospital and first aid signs. Also liked the Road World Signs II" for the roundabout signs.

I started with the Stop signs page (World Road Signs III).

International Road Traffic Signs and Signals

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