May 10, 2008

Blindness Inspirations

These are lot of people that I never knew about their blindness, mostly the ones with one blind eye; like actors Claude Rains and David Duchovny (The X-Files). It's so easy to be fooled. That was enlightening for me. There were people I knew where blind, or partially blind, but didn't know the causes. I didn't even realized that Ella Fitzgerald (I probably just forgot) became blind later in life (due to Diabetes).

Originally, I just wanted to know which famous people have one blind eye. Actors in particular. I was curious. You know, it's hard to tell when you see them on the screen. I am aware that having one dimension only is difficult. I can't imagine living like this for rest of your life. Especially, if it happened later in your life. Becoming blind later must be incredibly depressing, I would think.

One of the people that really impressed me, was André De Toth. He was a film director. He filmed "House Of Wax" which was notable for its 3-D effects. Something that he himself could not perceive, and yet was able to direct it. How did he managed to do that?

When, I came upon this page, I was glad to see the other categories included, even though I was not looking for them. I was at awe with every one. There is even a blind golfer (Zohar Sharon) who is a pro.

Now, This has certainly been educational.

I could go on and on, but see for yourself. The categories are:

Blind From Birth
Persons Who Became Blind
Persons Blind in One Eye
Blind Painters
Blind Fictional and Mythological Characters

BTW, this site is actually for Diabetes

List of Famous Blind People.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to clear up something that you said about David Duchovny. Actually the blind in one eye is not true. He did damage the sphincter(sp?) in his one eye which left it unable to dilate. But he did not lose sight in that eye. With eye drops he is able to dilate the pupil that way. In fact he has had lasik and pretty much only needs glasses for reading now.

Daphna said...

Thank you for letting me know of this. I appreciate that. It was an interesting info. Thanks again!