May 8, 2008

The Country's Little Tractors

I've always thought that tractors look pretty much the same with minor differences. I did not grow up in a farm. But after taking a look at the tractor models, I realized some don't look alike at all. I had no idea there were that many tractors out there. Now I am gonna have to pay a better attention whenever I am out in the Country!

All the little toys here are mini scaled tractors. These toys were manufactured from 1986 to present. The museum is located in Dyersville, Iowa since 1986.

I am no tractor expert. So if you are wondering, what is this "syringe" thingy that sticks out of the tractors' hood, the answer is that I have no idea. Would love to know though. So till then, I can only guess..

National Farm Toys Museum

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