September 8, 2008


This commercial is for RCA COLOR TELEVISION 1961, and it basically explain how color tv works. It is about five minutes long, but the video quality is very good. It is an interesting clip. It also includes the culture at the time, so you get glimpse to that era.

Funny how it was a big thing back then, looking back it seem so primitive, and yet an important stage of technology. When we finally got a color TV in the late 70's, I was excited. Finally! We were so behind everybody else. No more black and white. Today, I do miss the old TV with the dial knobs and the rabbit antenna that always broke down. Boy, what am I thinking?!


Dave said...

Hey, like your blog... thought you might enjoy this interview on collecting vintage TVs that we recently published: An Interview with Vintage TV Collector Steve McVoy

Daphna said...

Thanks Dave for the article.