September 12, 2008

My Dog Is My Buddy Too!

Hey, 10 cool dog breed quizzes. You'll find the buddy site to be fun and full of information. There are 5 YouTube pet videos, dog name directory, daily dog news, celebs and presidential dogs, famous movie and tv dogs, veterinarian, dog health, nutrition, obedience, food poisoning. The list goes on and on.

Here is one quiz (you'll have to look it up to find the answer):

Which dog cannot bark?

a) Basenji
b) Irish Wolfhound
c) Sealyham Terrier
d) Rhodesian Ridge

The site is nice, but I have no idea who run it , or what their speciality is. It would have been nice to know if they are professionals. Also, I would have love to see information or stories about service dogs,

I have not checked their links directory. So I can't give feedback on their validity and safety.

My Buddy Dog

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