May 18, 2008

The Gas Myths & Tips

With the gas prices going crazy, I thought this article was great. I just finished reading it and would like to share it.

CNN 6 gas-saving myths

Here are two more excellent articles with additional tips. The second link also provides car related data.

Budget Travel Tips & Strategies To Save On Gas

Edmunds Fuel Economy

GAS STATION PRICES LINKS (US & Canada Only): Before I go on, I'd like to note that I don't have global data for the rest of the world (couldn't find anything current), but I did read that in Europe the highest petrol prices, are way much higher than the US gas prices. I'm not talking about two or three bucks more. I'm talking double the price.

The following two links are my favorites. They are easy to navigate through, and you don't have type anything to find what you are looking for.

Gas Buddy (For The US & Canada)

Fuel Me Up

For these two, you have to do a search. It can be a drag if you don't know what to look for.

Gas Price Watch

Mapquest Gas Prices

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