May 17, 2008

Blog - I'm Learning To Share

I like this blog. It is a pretty big blog. So, I didn't get to check this throughly. So far it looks great. At least I hope so! I would, however, be cautious about viewing the blog at work, as well the links. I know that some of the sites, such as "Dana's Virtual Museum Of Unusual LP Cover Art " would not be proper for work for most of you (probably).

Oh, yeah, there are tons of links. I have not viewed all of them. So no feedback from me here.

This blog is full of pop culture and nostalgia. Lots of fun. The blogger describes his site's purpose as "Time for a little Show & Tell, 'cuz all that neat stuff is no fun if you keep it to yourself."

In case you are wondering, there is no (so far) nudity in the "exotica" section. There are only 2 posts.

I'm Learning To Share blog

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