March 21, 2008

Pan-American Expo's Food & Drink

Much of the food that was first promoted at the expo is still around to this day. A lot of them were developed between 1850 and 1900. There was a great emphasis on healthful food at the expo. However, the emphasis lasted only untill the late 19th century, when the public wanted a speedy way to cook food. This demand brought us the canned meat and fruit. Food that are mentioned here are, ice cream soda, Hires Root Beer, Coca Cola ( not surprising), Soda Water, Peanut Butter, Tootsie Roll, Condensed Soup, Jello, Cracker Jack, Cottonlene, Popcorn, Orangeade, and Coney Island Hot Dog.

Besides food and rink,the expo provided the manufacturers an outlet to present an opportunity to display their technological inventions of the latest tools and gadgets.

Read more about it here. It's really easy and fun to read. There is even a news article from 1901 about the popcorn theives! There are pictures of ads too. I, of course. can't post a site without pictures!

Food and Drink at the Pan-American Exposition

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