March 22, 2008

Bill Hartmann - An Astronomy Artist

This image is titled as: "Clearing Out the Solar Nebula: The First Planetesimals"

Check out Bill Hartmann's space painting! Mr. Hartmann is a self taught astronomy painter who works for the imaging team of NASA's Mars Global Surveyor mission. His artwork was featured in various publications. He is also a writer of science books and 2 novels.

Mr. Hartmann basically began to develop his art for his textbook in the 1970's, when he was teaching. He realized that since the textbook's illustrations during that era were not well done (I guess they were pretty crappy), that his more sophisticated astronomical illustrations might get the students more engaged in astronomy. I bet that he achieved this goal right on. After all, his paintings are just amazing. I don't think you have to be a student to appreciate his gift.

In 1982, Bill Hartmann organized the first International Space Art Workshop, that in the long run resulted as an organization called "International Association of Astronomical Artists".

William K. Hartmann

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