February 15, 2010

The Black Knights Of The Middle Ages.

I never knew that there were black knights during the middle ages. I was very surprised. They were actually called Moors. The most famous Moor was a knight named Sir Morien who was refer to as"the Moor". He was one of the best and finest knight.

Sir Morien Black Knight Of The European Middle Ages


I am having a very difficult time finding more information about Sir Morien, and other black knights. I wish I could find more information because I think it's important to learn about them. This isn't a subject that I learned in grade school or college. I think it would be good to add it to history classes. It intrigued me since I had never been aware of this great knight who was one of the best knights ever in the fictional Arthurian era.

I came upon this site called "Blackpresence" which I am not familiar with. But it looks pretty good and I do like it a lot. It has more information about the black knights of the middle ages. There is a page titled "Black knights in Europe". This is really the most that I could find about these knights besides Sir Morien.

The statue above is of St. Maurice.

Blackpresence - Black Knights In Europe

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