April 2, 2010

What Are These Service Dogs For?

There is a nice thread about the background and history of the different types of assistance and service dogs under a topic called "paws and claws", in a forum site called Building Foundations. I am not familiar with this site, but I like it. I have not been able to find a specific statement as to what this site is about, maybe I missed it. But it appears that it provides emotional support for people who are going through difficult times emotionally and mentally.

I can't guarantee though, that all the information in this thread is entirely accurate. Most likely it is. Either way, it has valuable information.

As I have mentioned in the past, I have a hearing dog. So, this is why sites about service and assistance dogs intrigue me. I keep learning about different type of service dogs that I never heard of before. I've even heard of donkeys, ponies and guinea pigs as service animals. Also, about monkeys for deaf people in another country. Personally, I can't imagine walking around places with a monkey on your shoulder. I like monkeys, but no thanks. I'll stick to the dog ;-)

Building Foundations - Paws & Claws

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