March 13, 2010

Little Marie & Her Brothers On YouTube

When I was little I used to watch Donny and Marie Osmond variety show on TV back in mid-70's. I loved their show and the pearly smile ;-) Presently, I'm no longer their fan, but I still enjoy watching their old clips. The first clip I actually saw on a TV biography. It is a clip from the Andy Williams show in 1964, with the Osmonds kids. Donny was 6 in this clip. I used to love Andy Williams specials as well. He was very charming, wasn't he?

The big reason that I like this clip, because it also features little Marie who is adorable as a shy 4 years old. If I remember correctly, this was her first "performance" in public.

Unfortunately,the ebbing is disabled, so just follow the link.

YouTube - Lida Rose - Andy Williams & The Osmonds

Below is another link that I liked. It features Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson as teens (I don't know how old they are actually) with two little boys dressed up like them.

Michael jackson and Donny Osmond

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