March 3, 2010

Blog - Signs Never Sleep

This site is great if you enjoy making, creating, building and collecting custom signs of all sort. The title under the blog's name, Signs Never Sleep, describes the content:"The Best in Custom Signs: Carved, Sandblasted, Dimensional, Wooden, Painted, Vintage, Neon, Historical, Etc: The Sign Buyers Guide". These signs include both old and modern signs. The blog's name certainly got my attention once I saw it. I enjoyed seeing the variety of the signs display. It seems a bit different from other sites that I have been. Lots of sites seem to focus a lot on Neon signs and old motel signs. I wanted to see a site that focus on more variety like Signs Never Sleep blog. Some of the signs were quite interesting and fun as well. The photo of the lamp pink shop above was my favorite. I am crazy about bears, so had to add it to my post too ;-)

Signs Never Sleep

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