January 18, 2010

YouTube - Phenomenal Sullenberger Flight Simulation

I got this link from a retired pilot himself. It shows a 3-D animation stimulation of the "Miracle on the Hudson" flight that took place in January 13, 2009. Its a beautiful animation that was done last year. You can hear the conversation between Captain Sullenberger and the tower control. At the same time you can see the view as seen from the cockpit. It doesn't show the birds in details. You can barely see them, besides they appear as tiny dots. I didn't even notice them the first time I viewed this video. The first two links are of the same YouTube video. The only difference is their size.


Phenomenal Sullenberger Flight Simulation (full screen)

Phenomenal Sullenberger Flight Simulation (regular screen above)


Wikipedia - Captain Sullenberger

Wikipedia - US Airways Flight 1549

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