May 30, 2009

Buy Everything But The Ordinary at Bonanzle!

This is the first time I see this store, so I don't know if they are reliable. They are similar to eBay. They have a lot of awesome and fantastic stuff. Can't say I recognize many of the toys themselves, but did recognize some of the characters. . I enjoy seeing all these vintage toys, and I think you'll do too. It's just a lot of fun. They have so many toys. Some of the toys even go back to early century. There are toys that cost like 3 bucks and there are very few that cost over a grand. There are total of 1271 toys!

Bonanzle - Vintage & Antique Toys.[filter_category_id]=717

If you have trouble accessing the above url, use the shorter link:

You can find more toys under the "toys and hobby" category (To be honest, I have not looked at that yet. But it is looking good) The url is absolutely huge, so use the tiny url instead. There are 58556 results. You can narrow it down like in eBay.

Bonanzle - Toys & Hobbies


cb on bonanzle said...

I like bonanzle. Not only you can bulk upload your items, you also have a chance of people adding your items to their hand picked lists. I've had several of my items hand picked recently. I'm surprised to say the least.

Daphna said...

yeah, i don't always know if the shopping site are reliable. I usually look for the BBB logo, but it's their stuff that I like.