April 8, 2009

Living In The Ocean As A Fish And..

The photograph was taken by David Hall. Check his other photographs in his site at SeaPhotos.com

It may be boring for some of you, who aren't into oceans. I am no expert, but I find it rather intriguing and educational as well fun for both young and old a like. I learned some fun fact along with serious ones. As a starting page, I chose this one, because I thought it was entertaining one to start with. It has a handful of interesting trivia. Did you know that Antarctica has same amount of ice as much the Atlantic Ocean's water? Incredible! Did you know that Jacques Mayol had the deepest free dive of 86m (282.15 ft) without any equipments? I'd be scared to watch (although I didn't have problem watching Tarzan doing the same thing). Did you know that the swordfish and the marlin can reach speed up to 121 kph (I think it's 75.19 mph. Not sure because the ocean uses knots), with quick bursts, These two are the fastest fish in the ocean. this site has practically anything you need to know. There is even a page called Ocean Mysteries. For example, one is about the sea monsters existence.

There are really lots of topics going on in this site, This site belongs to Marine Bio, a non- profit group. I have been truly impressed by the amount and the knowledge that the volunteers have contribute for us to learn. I also enjoyed looking at the pictures and some of the videos.

Here is part of their self introduction:

"MarineBio began in 1998 as an evolving online tribute to ocean life and an introduction to marine biology and marine conservation. MarineBio is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteer marine biologists, students, professors, and conservation advocates working to share the wonders of the ocean realm inspiring marine science education, research, and a sea ethic."

Marine Bio

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