December 11, 2009


My favorite tissue's brand is the Kleenex. I did some research on the internet looking for a background information about Kleenex. In a nutshell, what I learned was that it started in 1924 as a disposable cleansing tissue to remove cold face cream. It was a substitute for the towel, and was seen as a healthier alternative. But many people also used it as disposable handkerchiefs before Kleenex started promoting it as a "sneezing tool". It was in 1930 when it finally took off as the disposable handkerchief product that we know of today. It became very popular with the public and was a big success for the company.

About Kleenex

The link below has many ads-comics featuring Little LuLu with the Kleenex (You'll need to keep scrolling to the right to see them all).

Gallery of Kleenex Ads

A short summary about the history of the Kleenex

History Of The Kleenex Tissue

A Kleenex TV Commercial From Italy 1988 (there are no words).

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