December 28, 2009

Blog - Groovy Vegetarian

As a vegetarian I enjoyed this stuff. This isn't a PETA sort of things. It's fun and there are all kind of posts, like funny vegetarian shirts, vegan vanilla cupcakes, Coasters Made From Recycled PC Motherboards and Why Isn’t There A Dog Whisperer For Cats?

Believe it or not, but the woman above, Mimi Kirk, is 71 years old vegetarian who became a vegetarian 30 years ago and eats raw food! That post is from August 30th, 2009. Many years ago I met this elderly lady. I was curious about her age. She told me to guess it and I said maybe early 60's. She said no, that she was 75 or 80 (I can't remember her exact age, but she sure didn't look anywhere close to her real age). I was in shock! She was in a fantastic shape just like the woman above, Mimi Kirk. Truly amazing. In that post, there is also a small video clip in which you can see how old she looked. It was hard for me to believe she was much older than she looked.

So as you can see there are some interesting posts displayed on Groovy Vegetarian.

Groovy Vegetarian - Compassion Lifestyle Blog (with eco fun mixed in)

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