November 10, 2009

It's A Bigfoot!!

Learn about the history of the Monster Truck and Bigfoot. It was in 1974, when Bob Chandler drove the his monster truck in a field over cars to crash them and test the truck. This truck was the early Bigfoot version (the second version came in 1982). The reason he did it was for his four wheel drive performance shop's promotion. Chandler's video was seen by an event promoter who then asked Chandler to do it in front of a crowd. Chandler initially hesitated but eventually agreed to do so. The rest is history. An interesting one too, as you'll also learn the origin behind the phrase "Monster Truck" in Wikipedia (at the end of the second paragraph).

Wikipedia - Monster Trucks

Below is the original Bigfoot in action It's a 5:35 minutes clip. By the way, when I typed "bigfoot monster truck" in the search box, I got 2,240 results. But after watching some, I saw that lots of them are about the monster trucks in general. I really liked the early trucks clips. Those are classics.

YouTube Bigfoot the Monster Truck

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