November 7, 2009

How Many Time Did You Take Your Driving Written Exam?

Well, this lady took it many times for four years and finally succeed at her 950th try!! I don't understand how anyone can fail to take a driving exam test after 950 tries?! You'd end up memorizing it. After 950 tries I wouldn't even need to read it. I'd do it with in my sleep.

This lady is sure a determined person. She said she needs the license for her vegetable business. She is a 68 years Korean old woman from Seoul, Korea. She spent $ 4,200 on the application fees. You could buy a big HD tv with that money here in the US. Wow! (that's more than 5 million won in Korean money)I wonder if it's harder to pass the test in Korea. It took me only one exam which I did when i was in high school many years ago here in California. Had only one mistake on the driving part. I can't imagine taking that test every day, for 4 and half years, and always failing it. Something ain't right here. Her first effort was in April 2005 and finally passed it now. She still has one more exam to pass though. There is no explanation as to why she has failed so many time. So that remains a mystery.

Now I am curious to see what kind of questions the Korean driving exams have.

Article: SKorean woman passes driver's exam on 950th try

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