November 25, 2009

Generations Of Soccer

The Soccer Ball World gives information about the history of balls for the baseball. It has information about the ball construction and design, history, physics, how to take care of the soccer ball and explanations about the BAR, PSI and LBS and more. This site also sells soccer balls and custom balls.

Also, presentws in this site is the first soccer ball. In 1936 Charles Goodyear's patented the vulcanized rubber. In 1855 he designed and built the first vulcanized rubber soccer ball. Its shape was similar to today's basketball. It is the oldest soccer ball.You can see pictures of it. Later a man named, James Naismith patented the game of basketball. The first basket ball game was played with the soccer ball!! How about that?!

Regarding the soccer balls above. The modern ball is a 2006 blue/gray star ball. The grey ball that with the laces is from 1910. The orange ball that looks like a basketball is from 1950. The last one at the bottom that doesn't look much like a ball is from 1950. Those white balls were made for the spectators to see the ball during floodlight. But it was already used back in 1892 but not officially.

You can find more specific information about the early balls under the history category.If you don't know what vulcanized is, I looked up at

1. to treat (rubber) with sulfur and heat, thereby imparting strength, greater elasticity, durability, etc.

2. to subject (a substance other than rubber) to some analogous process, as to harden it.

The Soccer Ball World

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