September 15, 2009

A Trip To The 1960's With Jeff

Jeff talks about growing up in the sixties. He does it with fun that includes tidbits and photographs that are pertained to his childhood. He talks about all kind of stuff, his school, summer days, the pool he swam at, army toys, monster models, television, comics, the Beatles, toys, drive-in movies and much more. He also talks about the political events during his childhood such at the Cuban Missile Crisis. By the way, don't forget to watch the Drive-In intermission trailer from YouTube. I never realized how long they were. I've been in a Drive-In only once or twice and I can just barely remember it. There is so much nostalgia.

An introduction excerpt from Jeff: "My 60's pages are a collection of memories, thoughts, with some original art and graphics and a spattering of my own personal photos. I put this page up simply because I'd like people to be able to learn something about my time, and how wonderfully colorful the period really was".

I envy him that he has a picture of his school and I don't. Several years ago I visited the town where my third grade school was during mid-70's in the East Coast. Unfortunately I couldn't find it. It was a great disappointment. The person whom I was staying with at the time drove by twice where the school was supposed to be at. It was actually dark, but even then I should have been able to see it. It was big enough and right by the street. All I saw was a big golf course which I couldn't recall ever seen If the golf course was there in mid 70's, it would have been smaller. Naturally, I thought I was lost. Several years later I learned why I could not find it. The school was demolished because there weren't enough children at school. Apparently it was also happened in other schools. So after it was demolished a golf course was built instead. It sadden me to hear that. I was disappointed that I'll never be able to see what the school was like again. Obviously, my memories are from a child perspective. My memories are decades old and vague. I regretted not having any pictures of this school or pictures of my classmates. I don't even have a picture of my best friend at the time. So if you don't have any pictures of the schools you attended, then you might want to take some pictures now before it's too late. Or take pictures for your child including their friends. I never would have thought in a million years that I will never be able to see it again nor that the school will be gone forever.

At last note, is another excerpt is about Jeff's background: "I was born in July of 1955 and cruised into the 60's rather nicely with the fondest of memories. I built this site dedicated to my memories hoping to lock a slice of time into our current lifestyle. I'm a graphic designer, image editor, and digital media producer by trade." Jeff is much older than I and it is a blessing that he still has much more childhood memories than I do. It's a gift and a treasure when pleasant childhood memories are fondly remembered.

Welcome To The Sixties

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