August 24, 2009

Blog - Rebound Hounds

I was glad to see this blog. The blog runs by a person who works in a non-profit shelter in San Francisco, who has two special canines herself. Greta who is a blind Dachshund and Dewey who is a three legged doxie mix. She encounters many special animals at the shelter. The blogger wants to show that disabled dogs can make a great companion regardless their disabilities. So far most of the dogs that I've seen in this site are in a special wheelchair, missing a limb (l3 and 2 legged dogs), and blind/partially blind dogs. Long time ago, I took care of a dog in a wheelchair thought it was such a wonderful tool for these dogs. These wheelchair are miracles for dogs who might have otherwise not survive. It's sad that even though these wheelchairs exist there are dogs who didn't get the chance to get one. Maybe some day every shelter will be equipped with these wheelchairs. It will save lots of lives.

I've always had a thing for disabled and abused dogs and cats and wish I could adopt them all! I'm always impressed with how they are able to cope with it, especially if they weren't born disabled. It never ceased me when I see a three legged or even a two legged dog (I have seen two-legged dogs who can walk without wheelchair on TV only, like Faith) runs as fast as an arrow. As well dogs who have lost one eye and still able to navigate around as fast as a four legged dog.

When I see dog with one eye who can navigate around like a two eyed dog makes me appreciate that I can see. I know that must have taken the dog a great deal to deal with. Not a small feat I'd bet. A long time ago, I accidentally cut the cornea with my fingers. It was a freak accident. I had to wear an eye patch for about three days before I could use that injured eye again. I could not drive in straight line. So that what made me realize how difficult it must have been for the dogs to lost an eye. I can't even imagine losing both of them. We can all learn a lot from all these dogs disabled and abuses alike. Maybe some day every dog will benefit from the technology that is already out there. It just needed to be available to each one of them right away, regardless the cost.

Blog - Rebound Hounds

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