July 12, 2009

Robin Hood Festival

The Robin Hood Festival is based in Sherwood Oregon and has been running since 1952 (as you can tell from the banner). This year the festival will be on July 19th, in just a few days. So if you want to go, you better hurry over there. It has been a long time since I have been into a medieval festival. I wish I could check it out. This festival seems like a fun place to take your family to and have a good time.


However, if you want to visit the actual Sherwood Forest that is in legendary Robin Hood story, you'll have to go to or be at Nottinghamshire in England where it's located. Check out Wikipedia for a very detailed page about this Sherwood Forest. It's has excellent resources. I did see the official site for this forest, but I really liked the Wikipedia page better. Actually, I should say that the second Wikipedia page is Robin Hood of the Sherwood Forest in England. It's a great page too.

Wikipedia - The Real Sherwood Forest


Wikipedia - Robin Hood

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