June 28, 2009

The Miniskirts, Jackson & Elvis

Do you remember the miniskirt form the 1960's - 1970's? Here are photos of models wearing them even before these decades, The first photo is from 1929 of a British actress model (I don't know who she is) and all the way to 2006. If you take a good look at them you may recognize some of the models. One hint: "I Dream of Mini".


The Life website has other good items to check out. Now, not surprisingly Michael Jackson's pictures are popular in this site. He the fills five most popular categories on this website. I have not posted anything here about him, because the internet is just full of articles and posts about his passing away. It wasn't practical for me. But I did like the Michael & Elvis: Eerie Parallels" photographs. The photographs actually surprised me. But I am sure there are plenty of other people who have already posted this link. So, if you have not seen them yet. Take a look. You might be surprised too at the comparisons.


There are also old and nice photographs of Farrah Fawcett playing tennis in mid 70's. She looks great with that fluffy hair. Boy, I remember that hair.

I wish that the Life magazine never ceased to exist. It was such a great magazine and one of my favorites. They had really great photographs. I was always looking forward their "end of the year" edition. To me they had the best photographs among other publications (not counting National Geographic). I'm glad that they at least have a website.

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