June 24, 2009

Blog - Tokyo Mango

Tokyo Mango is about the Japanese culture but it's actually from the US. The author describes "Tokyo Mango": "everything you ever wanted to know about the birth city of Godzilla, Gundam, All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu, Panty Vending Machines and Me". The blog is from Lisa Katayama, who grew up in Tokyo and now is a writer, reporter and an editor at the Boing-Boing Gadgets (check her bio at "about"), who posts all kind of interesting stuff that happen in Japan and elsewhere in the world. She also wrote a book about Urawaza. I'd say in a way that this is sort of a pop culture of a well done blog.

There are plenty of good stuff here. I really liked the japan related posts the best. It's pretty refreshing to see these posts if you don't usually visit Japanese blogs. You can send your stuff too to share.

For some reason the colors of the Tokyo Mango's image above came out differently. The site's image one is much nicer and pretty cool! Whoever did that did a nice job.

Tokyo Mango

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