March 16, 2009

How The White House Was Built

The white house is in the news a lot these days, thanks to our new president Obama. I thought it would be interesting to see the history of the white house architecturally from the beginning to the present. You'll see more topics if you go to the main page, I started with the architecture because I thought it was an interesting topic. Among other interesting subjects that are in the main page are music and musical performances. I have never seen these type of information on the internet. . Most of the photos are too tiny to publish here.

I have a new Photoshop CS4 which I'm not used to yet, it took me a long time to crop this image! It is very different than the older ones. Instead of cropping and do what I want, it in 5 minutes as usual, it took me about 30 or so minutes! I need to study this new version asap!

If you writing an essay, I think this site would be an excellent choice for it. The photograph above is the first known photograph of the white house from 1846.

White House Historical Association - Architecture

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