June 22, 2008

Wide World Of The Impersonator

Many of you probably have seen pictures of impersonators or saw them live. Elvis seems to be quite the popular choice for the impersonators. This is the official Celebrities Impersonators Convention that just had their 8th annual convention. There is an option for you to search for celebrity impersonator. Just type it in (to get there, click on "international celebrities image" on the bottom).

Celebrities Impersonators Convention

A YouTube video of the convention. Some of these impersonators were almost convincing!



Anonymous said...

True, this was the 8th convention in Vegas, but the video you put up there is from Sunburst Convention in Orlando, held every September. You should go to that - its an experience for everyone that attends. We get lots of the public coming in to watch the performers showcase for agents. Its like Las Vegas East for a few days. You heading to Orlando?
- Anne (myspace.com/annekissel)

Daphna said...

oops, my bad! I still like the video though ;-) I hadn't heard of that one. Not heading to Orlando any time soon though. Maybe some day I'll see it.

Thanks for the update!