April 11, 2008

Spage Age German Style

So.. this site is in German. They do have an English version for the introduction, but the rest of the site is in German only. If you do want to view it in English, I recommend you can use the Google Translator engine so I added the link for the Google Translate page down below for you. Just put the link in the "translate a web page" field (scroll down to the bottom). There are also other translators on the web.

But I'm sure you can figure out your way around the site, if you don't know German (or too lazy to use the translation tool like me). There are pretty impressive futuristic illustrations from the German artists. According to the site's moderators, the illustrations are from the German science & technology publications and also science fiction.

The site features the following artists: Klaus Bürgle, Erik Theodor Lässig, Kurt Röschl, Eberhard Binder-Staßfurt and H.u.B. von Römer. These artists are awesome!

By the way, I'm not sure who illustrated the wonderful image above. But I can see it was illustrated in 1966, and that the setting is in a futuristic Detroit car factory (check the huge tire in the background).

Retro Futurismus

Google Translation

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