September 20, 2008

Take A Guess

Wallet Pop has money and products related quizzes. It's website that is about finance/money & business (that what I've gathered. There is no "about us" page). There are interesting quizzes from the last 3 years. I counted a total of 51 quizzes. I did the "Can You Spot The Fake Product?", and did very well. But as someone who "grew up" with ketchup, I can't believe I failed the Ketchup question! I was so sure I had it right! By the way, the Grocery Product Timeline quiz is a cool one. One question that I liked from that quiz was "When Popsicles were first released in 1905 what were they originally called? A) Epsicles B) Icicles C) Pop-Ice D) Ice Pops"

Below are six quiz examples:

How Smart of a Driver Are You?
Country of Origin for Top Brands
Know Who's Face Is on Your Money?
Taxes: Is It Deductible?
Grocery Product Timeline
State Quarter Quiz

Wallet Pop Quizzes

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