August 29, 2008

Blog - Tiny House

This Tiny Houses blog is pretty cool. As you have, I am sure, figured out already, it's all about tiny houses. The houses are amazing. Also, I enjoyed reading the last few posts. I learned a few things. Some of these houses were built by the owners, and there are some that you can purchase. One of the things that I learned was about those houses that are built as caravans. Those houses were influenced by the gypsies caravans. The first caravans were built in France, around 1810 to live in. Around 1850 the gypsies started using it as both their home and working space. They called it "Vardo" which derived from the word "vurdon" (cart) in Iranian. There are 6 types of caravans. You can read more under the Gypsy Caravan post from August 25th (the main page at the moment). I am at owe at that the gypsies were capable living in these conditions with only very basic items. I mean, it's nothing like a small camper these days.

It would have been nice to see these houses. There are all kind of houses, not just caravans. The parts that I liked the best are the interior shots of course. I didn't realize that there were such houses around the country. I have seen articles and photos of "smallest post office in the world", smallest this and that building. I've seen one myself out there somewhere.

I'd also like to recommend you to read the "The Compact Washer Dryer" post from August 22. It's a compact that can be used at these tiny houses. Its measures are 33.5 inches hight by 23.5 inches wide and 21.65 inches deep. It's so small, that many people, according to the post, install them under kitchen counter. One of their advantages over an average washer is that they actually wash and clean better. They are also better for people with skin sensitives. It probably would be great for students too, and people who don't want to miss their favorite show ;-)

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