July 31, 2008

Native Americans Of The Past

There is a great collection of historical photos that are elated to the Native Americans' culture. I wish I had seen this before, because there is a section of hairstyle (under "Hair and Body Adomment"). I posted a link about women hairstyles a while back.

Anyhow, this link basically covers everything about the Native Americans' culture. They are actually divided into categories and sub-catories. There are 21 categories, so I am not going to list them here. I'll end up writing an essay.. A few examples are the basic clothing ornamentations, headgears. weapons, building and tools & equipments. There are so many interesting pictures of people to look at. For me it was, since I rarely see pictures of Native Americans. I really liked the child's photo the most, because many of the photos (I have not finished looking at all of them. There is much to view), show serious people. Whenever I see a picture of someone who appears serious, I wonder if they were told to look serious, or if it's a personal choice (maybe a cultural as well). Seeing a child who is smiling is nice to see.

Edward S. Curtis's North American Indian

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