June 1, 2008

The BMX!

That's interesting. I have absolutely no memory of seeing the BMX bikes during the 70's. That's pretty far back. I thought they came out early '80s. Well, what do I know? I am not a BMX expert. The only bike that I remember very well is the classic banana seat bike. We had one. I loved it. I wonder whatever happened to it. I now recall three other (non- BMX) bikes, the Big Wheel, Raleigh and the Schwinn that had 3 speeds. Do they even make 3 speed bikes anymore?

Now there are newer versions of the Big Wheel and the banana seat bikes, but they aren't as cool as the original ones. It's just not the "same" thing. No nostalgia. They feel like a "copy" to me. Kinda like an "updated" version.

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