April 4, 2008

The Way Camden Used To Be

When I saw this site, I was impressed with the rich history of Camden, New Jersey. As some of you may know, Camden isn't what it used to be. The era when Camden City's business was a flourishing center of business is long gone. Today, Camden is one the top most dangerous city in New Jersey and in the US. What a shame! There are old photographs of old business cards, b/w and color buildings, newspaper ads and other things..

Streets of Camden, NJ

More About Camden From Wikipedia

*April 5 2008: Update - A reader alerted me that as of today, Camden is not the most dangerous city as of 2007 (It was in 2004 and 2005). I corrected my previous mistake.

Speaking of rating, you may also want to read this interesting article about "city rating". The article is from USA Today's blog and was written last November:

Why City Crime Rankings Offer A Misleading Picture http://blogs.usatoday.com/oped/2007/11/why-city-crime.html

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