March 1, 2008

The Browns Sisters Revisited

Like many other people, I saw the famous Brown Sisters photographs several years ago. This was an exhibition called "25 Years of the Brown Sisters and New Work" and it was featured at the Zabriskie Gallery in 1999.

The photographer, Nicholas Nixon, documented the years of the Brown sisters in the same pose year by year beginning in 1975 until 1999. You get the sense of how time flies by watching how four women have grown so much in 25 years. Anyhow, I just visited the site again. I hoped that maybe there are new photos, but there aren't any. However, revisiting the site was a remainder for me what life is all about, and how true is it is when we say "time flies by"

Their 70's clothes was a trip to the past..

Nicholas Nixon - 25 Years of the Brown Sisters and New Work

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