February 23, 2008

Astrona Blog

I like this blog a lot. There are a bunch of artists with a display of their space art. They have really creative and amazing stuff. Each artist has his/her painting own style. Some focus on planets or the moon, galaxies spaceships, astronauts, nebulas, and the themes go on.

You can also view the artists' work under the categories instead, of going through the entire list of each artist. Either way, you'll see each of their work.

By the way, I think Ron Walotsky's art is a lot like Salvador Dali style, or is influenced by him. Anyhow, that how I felt when I saw his artwork. It's interesting how some of the artists do have their own unique style, that makes them so different from the rest.

The top image is by Nikolay Yeliseyev. The one below it is by Shigemi Numazawa.